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Healing ritual with Gaia

If one wants to perform this ritual, they should go outside, preferably on a sunny day with a gust of wind, on a water shore. So that you’ll have all elements – Earth, Air, Water and Fire (Sun). If you see litters (plastic bottles, packs, bags etc) gather them and  put them in a bin. Apologize to Mother Gaia. This will help you to connect better with the Goddess.

Now the healing ritual. Take the shoes off. Sit on the ground with spine straight and legs crossed as to be comfortable. Realize you are sitting on a Goddess. Feel the connection with Her. Begin void meditation and do it until clear your mind. Align your chackras and tune them with Mother Earth. Keep breathing. Focus on your body’s area where the illness is located. Focus your energy, now attuned with Gaia’s to affected place. Feel the connection. Feel surroundings. Feel all in the same time. Keep breathing. Visualize a pack of energy going back and forth, through your root chackra between Earth and the sick part of your body. You should be in a light trance by now. Breath deep and center your energy. Utter:
Gaia, Mother of All, who gift me this body, heal my wounds. Make me whole again. For I am your offspring, as I came into being by you. Fix my body with thy body, Mother. So mote it be and so it is. Thank you!

Repeat few time as yo visualize energy going back and forth between the sick place of your body and Earth. When you feel it was enough, center yourself, stand and thank once again to Mother Gaia. The ritual shows results in the very coming hours. 🙂





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