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Chakras and addictions

Белая змея с короной — стоковый вектор

Root chakra: any kind of fetishi that involve hardcore submission or humiliation, like cuckolding, as this deals with inner fears of oneself, also things like paraphilia (urophilia, coprophilia), also addiction on hardcore anal sex especially in those whose male energy is more developed. Personality disorders as anxiety, panic attacks, OCD are also forms of root chakra blocks
Sacral chakra: addiction of sex and masturbation, need to permanently touch oneself, gambling
Solar Plexus: Addiction of food, gambling, coffee and tea addiction, other energizing drinks too
Heart: Smoking, gambling
Throat: Drinking and smoking
6th: Drinking, Compulsive lying, negativity, depression
Crown: addiction of drugs, suicidal tendencies, depression, tumor brains, stroke.
Once the energies of chakras are regulated, the addictions disappear.


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