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Unbegotten waters

The energy of water changes three times in a normal day:

  • at midnight
  • at dawn
  • at Moon rise (in case Moon rises during the daytime, there is no shift in  the water’s energy)

At these times water purifies, clears its energy so it holds healing and magic properties. Water should be collected in a bottle clay or wood pot (not metal nor plastic).

At these particular moments waters recreate their energies, thus they are named unbegotten (or uncreated) waters.




The water got in the first moments after midnight before anything else get form the spring or well if used for divination. Water should be got in the night of Friday to Saturday, when Moon is crescent (waxing). Cover the bowl with a black clot and let sit for an hour in a dark place. When will be uncovered for scrying the water should only see the light of candle. Add few drops of AurumD6 (Gold tincture used in homeopathy) and few drops of Rose Essential Oil. Charge  the water with you energy, visualizing a blue light emerging from your hands and going into the water. Then you can start scrying.
Or you can use the magic water as a transfer medium for self hypnosis and self influencing. You sit in front of the bowl with a candle lit and, while watching your reflection repeat the affirmations according to desired purpose. You can also write on the surface of water your desire, draw a sigil etc. After the desire is fulfilled water should be poured at a tree when Moon is waning.

The dew harvested from flowers just before dawn is said to make skin beautiful and smooth. As well is a strong protection against evil eye.

Water from a well in which mirrors the Moon, got a day or two before Full Moon is a very potent ingredient in love spells.

For health issues a good help is water got before dawn. Witch should fast in the day before and then they should go barefoot in the dewed grass and should not talk to anyone on their way not on the way of return. Water has to be got in a clay jug or in a glass jar and should be covered with a white cloth. Also witch should return from the well on other way then came and should never look back.

For diseases that cause loosing of body fluids (bleeding, urine, diarrhea, sweating etc) is very good water got from the place where three springs met. Water has to be got in the morning before dawn and in the evening right after dusk. A piece of bread made by the witch should be offered to the waters spirits.

For unknown ailments that nobody were able to cure one should bath in waters got from the mill wheel.


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