Spirituality and Mysticism

… The way mud becomes lotus

Koustov Gupta: … Understand, you can find out a bag full of dollars of golden bars The moment you take it you might be caught by police as a suspect of robbery. (they are dull anyway) Or, you may lavishly spend them on friends and addictions. Or you may have to spend them on someone’s treatment etc. Finding money does not make someone rich. Getting a job does not make someone rich, you might get entangled in a case and all your salary will flow to the advocate’s pocket. running a large business does not make you rich, it may suddenly collapse, trade embargo, nuclear embargo, financial crisis, bad debt, sabotage, anything is possible. (…)

We cannot be Einstein, Beethoven or Trump by efforts. Individuality cannot be repeated. But we can easily be Buddha, because that already is the case. You can easily be a Buddha. You see Buddha is not a noun, its an adjective. And a Buddha is rich in all aspects of life, unlike them who are rich in only one aspect of life.

aripidenoate: And how one can be rich in all aspects of life?

Koustov Gupta: You can do that by being yourself and having a choice less growth.  This way, mud becomes lotus.

purple petaled flower
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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