Spirituality and Mysticism, Theistic Satanism


“As I understand practical Satanic philosophy, self-confidence is certainly a virtue, but arrogance is a definite pitfall. There is a wide difference between each of these characteristics. Confidence means that one is sure of their beliefs, and is not really threatened by a challenge. Therefore, the tone of the conversation can be civil and productive. Arrogance means that one is threatened by another’s beliefs, and that the arrogant person does not respect the free will of the other person in a conversation.”

Confidence vs. Arrogance: A Theistic Satanist’s Perspective


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  1. Maybe arrogance is a kind of targeted, destructive self-confidence? I’ve been thinking lately about the hundreds of millions of people with anxiety and depression, what a spiritual drain that is on…..you know, the earth, life, everything really. I’ve been wondering how things would be if humans all had high self-esteem. Gods and deities, all of us, aware of our limitations in our present incarnations, because there have to be limitations and rules or there would be no game.
    “Arrogance” is often a label applied to people who are sure of themselves, as a kind of cut or insult.
    What are people supposed to do, shed off self-esteem to some lower level?


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