Spirituality and Mysticism, Theistic Satanism

I was meant to

I was meant to be of darkness. It long sprouted in me all the years I was struggling to adorn what I called my soul with what they called light and what they called mercy.

I was meant to be unholy and unclean as this is to be “contaminated” with the very Earth holiness – the dirt on the hands and feet, the smell of grass on my skin and smoke of the firewood in my hair.
I was meant to be “doomed” as this is the fate of all people throwing truth in the face of society.

I was meant to be “foul” as I always blew away the “garments of the king” – hypocrisy, false kindness, lies.
I was meant to be wicked as I always kept going with what I thought it’s truth and fairness and I always tried to move the things in the places I thought they should be.
I was meant to be “mad” as I often got angry when I saw dishonor taking over.
I was meant to be “cursed” as most aren’t willing to face their incompleteness or, worse, to get it exposed.
I was meant to be in the fire, as it wrathfully burned me from inside ever since birth.
I was meant to lose my “soul”, as it was to find my spirit that is the essence of my humanity and the seed of the Divine.
I was meant to drink from the shelty black waters, to regain the power they robbed me of in the name of love.
I was meant to step on a dark path as there was the hidden knowledge that I could find without being blinded by the false light.
I was meant to believe in a forbidden God as it was the only and true Divine, honoring my humanity while guiding me to my own Godhood.
Renich tasa uberaca biasa icar Lucifer!

1 thought on “I was meant to”

  1. I think I am falling in love with you. Here is why: There is a certain dialect within the language of our minds, or maybe it is better explained as a harmonic frequency, or some such shit, and rarely do we find anyone else who speaks with that dialect, it is almost like a kind of code, the meanings of the words are more than the words themselves, and there is a kind of communication going on that transcends thinking itself. I don’t try to explain this, or even understand it really, I just implicitly know it.


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