I cannot sell my soul to the devil, for I dedicated it all to Lucifer.

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”
― Anaïs Nin


My magic name is aripidenoapte (in Romanian) which means Night Wings and it came across to me after I said I wanted to have big dark wings. I was exercising trance and could not fall at all although my mind was quiet and body relaxed. And I tried and tried and tried but anything happened. I kept breathing and imagine I was going down in the darkness on a stair but still anything. I kept remaining calm, relaxed still aware of my surroundings. (was also quiet and dark around me in physical reality). Then I left the stair and imagine I am in the dark on a mountain apex and threw myself from there. I fell in trance but instantly from my back (like from the heart chakra) big dark wings grew. They kept me floating over the chase, deeper and deeper. When I went out from there, while surfacing my wings withdrew little by little in the heart chackra. Since then I don’t have to try -is everything in place: the apex, the chase, the wings. I go there when I need to and stay as long as I can (I gotta work as well – lol). I use aripidenoapte as a pen name too. Ironically, when I choose this name I went on Google to see if there is anybody who already have it or something. And first results of the search appeared to be for… lady towels. 🙂)))) Life have its own things – the peaks, the pits and ironies as well.