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There is destruction in every ecstasy, there is a seed of death blooming inside you every time when you go to the rapture for the boundaries of the Universe get dissolved within you and everything what there is rushes inside you making you infinite and containing all what there is and some of the things that there are not.

A demon feels hot and freezing in the same time when is touched. Hands go very cold. It is a raspy touch and there is always a sense of void  a knowing that your hand can go through Him although the skin feels silk and the flesh firm. Sometimes He gets in energetical human form with chackras like ours, but much more powerful and then He connects to you through heart and sacral chackras through lips, and voidy eyes and bow chackras also through his hand chackras holding your back. You feel absorbed inside Him, while clogging harder and being reshaped  by the power of His Fire. What you have in your grasp is a firm human-like body but also the Void Itself that absorbs, destructs and builds you up all over again. It is an intoxicating feeling of endless and forever fall. Until you realize the Universe in itself is a Demon – vast, void, frightening, cold, lonely, infinite powerful, absorbing, dissolving and reshaping everything.

Demons and Dragons, Occult, Ancient Mysteries, Spirituality and Mysticism

Demons never sleep

I just discovered that demons never sleep. When they don’t act, they sit still and the void and stars mirror in their ‘eyes’.

We don’t sleep either. Only our mind shifts focus from outer reality so our soul can also look in void, having the stars mirrored in their eyes too.
What is one with void lasts forever.


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Beltane offering

Sometimes the demons are the only meant to take away one’s grief and sorrow. Sometimes you become whole only when you totally loose yourself. Being on a Left Hand Path doesn’t mean you got to become a jerk unless you want to comply to the Right Hand Path depiction about it. This Beltane I probably was one of the few practitioners who put fruits on the Gods’ table, as I am vegan. And yes, crushed strawberries were to mimic a blood sacrifice for the blood is the most powerful symbol of life and passion and desire. Fruits can offer this energy to a spell because they are alive, thus they got pranic energy. Also they come right from the bosom of our Mother Gaia. Also blood means lost, destruction, deep despair, fear and death for when the blood is lost, the life itself is lost. And I want all these be taken away from me, which was granted right after I completed the offering. It was both an offering AND a sacrifice of pranic energy.





















Demons and Dragons, Occult, Ancient Mysteries, Spirituality and Mysticism

Belial: Sex is simply a way to organize energies

Belial: Sex is simply a way to organize energies. Among many others. Emotions, feelings, arts, fights, war, spells do the same thing as well. When energies are ordered over a regular, geometric layout, there are conditions for a certain vibration to manifests itself. Living beings are just that: crossings of energy vortexes. Universe itself is the equally that for the Universe is as much alive and conscious as the individuals dwelling in it.
Certain emotions, like fear distort vibration and this is how manifesting a certain thing is blocked. Anger also my shape a certain manifestation. It gets a very specific touch (print) on the energetic pattern of the end result.