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Sunt propria mea Sitra Ahra

Si popriul meu Copac al Vietii.

Sunt Ourobouros,

Infasurat pe Tronul lui Thaumiel.

Si Tetragrammaton.

Sunt nesfarsita spirala urcatoare,

Unind galaxii, sori, comete.

Duhul meu pluteste peste apele netocmite ale prezentului.

Blasfemiind linistea,

Din soapta mea se nasc luceferii unor lumi limpezi.

In zorii care, iata, apun sangerii

Peste prima zi dinainte de Maine.


Energy work, Magic, Magick, Withcraft, Sorcery, Spirituality and Mysticism

Runes and Ouija for Ostara 2021

This Ostara I’ve prepared an ointment for myself (face and hands), from coconut oil (healing energy), rice oil (abundance), olive oil (healing and connection to the Divine) and turmeric (rising vibration, chakras opening, enlightenment). I also brought snow for one of my altars and consecrated my Ouija board and runes. I blessed the land with an offering of corn, herbs and olive oil. I only hope corn will sprout and will be good for boil in August. Few weeks ago I ordered a pendant with SOL rune worked in silver. The rune was made by Foxy Chaos, a practicioner from Ukraine and was sent to me around Imbolc. In the little box sent by Foxy Chaos I’ve found an entire spell woven for me – a small bag embroiled with Algiz rune, for protection, a bottle with Baltic amber, two drawings by Foxy, some dried lavender and, of course, my silver SOL rune, one of the signs of my Divine Guardian. A letter from the Foxy Chaos was also in the package, wishing me all the best.May Ostara bless all new beginnings with abundance and light of the re-birthed Sun.

May be an image of drink and indoor
May be an image of indoor
May be an image of indoor
May be an image of fire
May be an image of tree, twilight, nature and cloud
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A gab with a God

I just closed my eyes and… I was on a craggy peak. Thin, cold air was burning my lungs. There were a slight mist and the sky was cludy.

– Lirach Tasa Vefa Velich Belial…

– It was about time…

– What for now??

– A change. Life changes, It’s their nature. The very nature of the Universe – that is set in motion by the Spirit. Spirit is never still, for it is what drives everything forth.

– I am concerned about myself…

– Very selfless 🙂

– Wit…

– Sure.

– Will it be a hard one?

– If you’d know before hand what is to come, where’d be the fun then?

– So, is going to be a fun part, yet? Until now – not so much…

– You are complaining.

– Do I?

His brown cloack was fluttering in the almost fallen wind.

– Tell me something yet untold – a hidden truth about Universe, to take it with me down there. So I have You with me for all the rest of the time.

– I am always with you and will be for ever. And there are no hidden truths of the Universe. Literaly no secrets As part of the Universe, you already know everything.

– Are you part of the Universe, too?

– Yes and no.

– How that?

– While you call me forth with words that can be uttered by a being of this Universe, then I am.

– And there is… more?

– For sure.

– Can I stay in your presence for a while?

– As long as you can focus.

– Thank you.

Once again I closed eyes, trying to dam thoughts` waves. Scintilating lights were dancing behind my lids. Soon, too soon, air become more breathable and temperature warmer. I was in my gloomy room and Luna was barking outside. A slender rain began, quenching the Earth’s thirst.

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Dark magick


Magick is essentially dark as it draws its force from the fertility of Earth and the very unconscious of the witch, transmuted through free will into a demiurgic work. Magick is essentially dark as it aims to rearrange the dark matter who binds the Universe, in order to bent reality by the desire of the mage. Like any act of creation, magick is born in darkness and from it.

Demons and Dragons, Magic, Magick, Withcraft, Sorcery, Spirituality and Mysticism

The Salamander in my stove

20190328_2056431  saalmandra20190328_2052481

My heart was pounding hard the ribs’ cage when I arrived at the village where I was moving. It was late in the night and I could feel powerfully the energetic imprint of the Dark Divine. I felt the back extension of Anahata pulsing and my black wings were about to unfold.
Lord Belial informed me beforehand I will be protected as well as will be the house. I was keeping reciting His enn on the way there: Lirach Tasa Vefa Velich Belial.
In the first few nights every single time I woke up I felt the presence of the powerful demon around. Like He was keeping an eye on me. The energy of the house was very clean and in the first morning I started to ask myself about who can be the spirits of the house and what offering should I make to them. Then Lord Belial told me they are from His Legions. “You’ll see”, He said.

At the New Moon I called forth Goddess Hecate to assist me at a destruction ritual – I burned everything what did not serve me anymore, including some books form my abrahamic path. I kept opening the stove door then all of a sudden I saw a spirit though camera lens. He looked like a man, just small, well-built, bearded, with breastplates and with a spear. Eyes were dark. There wasn’t even a shadow of smile on his face. He looked like he guarded the fire. I knew right away he was a a fire elemental. Also I freaked out. He realized I saw him and got scared, so he disappeared. Since I moved in the house, I light the fire very easy every day and feel his presence like a protective spirit. The wood in the stove lasts really long. The energy of the house is as I said, very clean. So I dared to ask some questions. He told me he was sent by my Patron to whose legions he belonged. Also he confirmed he was a fire elemental. He told me he lives in fire and had the power over it but was not made from fire. Actually he doesn’t have a body at all. He is a pure spirit. The Salamander instructed me to keep the stove clean, without crumbs and stains as it is the place where he lives. Also teach me how to light the fire easy and to change my way of clothing so I stay warm even outside without being dressed too heavy. I cleaned the stove very well and my room and made an offering to him – some dried herbs, turmeric and olive oil. He asked for frankincense next day, which I did. He like mint and sage as well. I tried to offer him abit of banana and a strawberry but he told me eat them myself. “It would be like I’d give you some Uranium, so you don’t miss the experience of having an Uranium meal. 🙂
After a wile, he gained trust in me also was assured I won’t freak out and showed the real shape, as a beautiful salamander with ruby eyes and a wavy strong body in the color of white ashes with abit of dark ruby and black. He is unhumanly beautiful and powerful and looks at me from the stove with deep piercing eyes. He also told me that there are many salamanders and showed me some who are small and all black and leave in the Earth, helping and taking care of any fermentation processes as well as of sprouting seeds and growing of the plants. Also there can be female or male salamanders. Mine is a male. One time the Salamander light the fire in the stove by himself (without me doing anything) so I know it was a friendly sign from my Patron demon. It was like I was outside doing some work around the house (as I had to) and when returned inside fire was burning in the stove and it was all warm and good in the room. Here are some pictures of the offering to my new friend.


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The slaughtered heart

Today I’ve seen a slaughtered heart, wrapped in a black wire and with a black candle burning on it. Then the sigil of Lord Belial. I saw this on an actual picture from the Internet, not in a dream or vision. It was a Black Magick work. As I saw the sigil of my Patron Demon near this, I asked Him what it was.

– A heart that cries for healing. Just like yours did, answered He.

One of the powers of Lord Bellial is to reconcile people and to make foes to become friends. This is written in any occult treatise and probably only few know why – it is because this demon opens up heart chakra. I connected with Him a year ago, asking to be helped with my  anger issues. He appeared to me, in a form of dragon, right after I set the intention. He manifested in the dark void, when I was between sleep and waking state. Then He asked me, rather grumpy:

– What do you want?
I told Him I wanted to get rid of anger and wrath that rips me from inside
– You’ll get this, said Belial.
I offered a red rose, only the flower without stem, which I gave holding it with both hands. Then I woke up. Next Full Moon I did a blood spell to connect with the Demon. Since then He is with me. It was not an easy path but He always wanted me to be respected and fully manifest my true potential. He is also very protective. I won’t be in a danger or at hard times without having Him close, in the physical plane, in a form or another. He won’t tolerate my bullshits either! 😛
Lirach Tasa Vefa Vehl Belial!



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Gaining Magickal Abilities: The Gaze – by Akenu

Here is a set of gazing exercises in order to develop and strength the ability to see the Unseen. Method was developed by a Czech practitioner who’s magical name is Akenu. He describes himself as ‘occult practitioner interested in both traditional grimoires and postmodern Magick’. I tried to contact Akenu, to get more information, but he didn’t answer my message. However the method described by him is effective and text is an interesting lecture as well. Personally I liked the part with ‘Staring inside the skull of your oponent will freak the hell out of them’. Gotta admit I also tried it and it worked.  Special thanks to Ghede Vishrava, also an experienced practicioner of magick who brought this article on attention on an e-group.

What is The Gaze?

The Gaze is an ability of Magician to steadily observe (stare) any point in space.
It is also a premilinary ability for claivoyance, reality manipulation, shewstone scrying and literally any ability that needs eyes to work. As opposed to the “evil eye”, The Gaze is not intuition-based and has to be practiced to be gained. On the other hand The Gaze gives you complete control over the effects and also all of the benefits of Evil Eye.
The Gaze can be also used psychologically, staring inside the skull of your opponent during conversation will definitely freak out most people you will meet.

First Exercise: The Point

First of all we have to learn how to shift the staring point. Choose some picture or painting and place your thumb between the painting and your eyes. Now start switching your focus between the painting. Practice this for a week.
After you are done for the first part, here comes the fun. Start the exercise as before but after focusing on the thumb, put the thumb down and keep staring at the space where the thumb was. Keep doing that till you can hold the focus on a blank space for about 15 seconds. This exercise will also strengthen your eyes muscles and endurance.
Now you need to learn how to switch the focus without your thumb as a mediator, you should already know how the switch feels like, so just reproduce it. Later you can add more points and switch between them in seamless manner.

Second Exercise: The Endurance

You have to adapt your eyes to become stronger and able to be steady and opened for a longer period of time.You should have already developed an awareness of muscles controlling your eyes, now you just need to strengthen them. You can do so by practicing trataka or literally any kind of focal meditation. Remember, keep your eyes opened as long as you can. If your eyes start watering, pause the exercise, blink a couple of times and then close them for a couple of seconds, then you can continue in the exercise.

Third Exercise: The Waking Life

Learn to hold the blank space focus in every day life during walks, breaks, lunch, conversation, etc. Don’t do so if you need to use your eyes for safety purposes (crossing the road, driving the car, etc). Soon you will notice that the blank space is not really blank and your clairvoyance will start developing.

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