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Hecate: “The will of every single human is a seed that impregnants Universe, giving birth to your reality”

Hecate appeared to me in the upper right corner of my black mirror, right after I came home from the hills where I called her forth, at the dusk, chanting Her Enn: “Anana Hecate ayer!”, holding a torch and my athame. as a human embodiment of Her Divine. There, on the hills, the huge orb of the Full Moon was right in front of me, shooting waves of overwhelming energy. Then I came back home, lit a candle and grab my scryig mirror. And She came. The Goddess was shifting shapes, from woman to fire dragon, back and forth. In the center of the mirror – the faded reflection of myself in scarce light of a candle on my altar. Behind, the black waters of darkness were waving as the Chaos itself, forever giving birth to Time and to Being.
– Do I have to fear what’s going on with the world?
– Do you feel like you should?
– No
– Then don’t
– Things are going to change much, it seems.
– It was time, don’t you think?
– …
– Many spells will be reversed and many curses lift. Some veils will fall from the eyes of mankind, then you will understand a few basic truths.
– Like?
– The “chosen people” are you – you, the entire mankind. Not a race, not a specific group, you all. From al species you were the one to embody the highest form of consciousness on this planet. THIS is what “chosen people” means. And trying to reverse a mistake turning upside down a part-true-part-lie is to make the same mistake, exactly the same, but upside down. You, humans, should get this and finally understand you are divine. All beings are sacred but from all of them, you have self-awareness so you are supposed to see your own divinity. This shift in consciousness was a long process prepared by the row of eclipses in the last years. You were with me through all process, so you probably realize now it was an expectable change…
– Still… some people are evil. And they do evil things.
– All people are in various stages of learning, figuring out how to do things and how can make them work properly. All people are in various stages of healing, this being a process of transmuting pain into serenity and disturbance into happiness. Alchemy is not that easy. It’s not supposed to be either.
– Ugh…
– ????
– I can’t get this. I just can’t. Some people are simply…. shaped wrongly.
– You can’t get it because you didn’t finish your own process of learning. But in the end, you’ll understand, I promise you.
– What we should do then? This damn sounds to me like “turn the other cheek” thing…
– I never said that. One behaves according to their level of understanding. Lessons should be taught when necessary. “Do what thou wilt” should still be the whole law. But this always comes with a price, because there’s a balance between someone’s will and the will of others. As the will of every single human is a seed that impregnants Universe, giving birth to the very reality of yours. A new world is now to come to life. You needed this, wanted this and manifested it. Will it be “better” – whatever would mean? Will it be more kind? Will it make your life easier and more resourceful? Well, this entirely depends on you. Because you are the “Architects of your Universe” – “great” or not so, but definitely the architects.
– …
– If there are no other questions…
– I bid thee Hail! and Farwell. Anana Hecate ayer!
The dark waters of my scrying mirror slowly settled down while the energy of my Goddess dispelled, eventually vanishing in a scent of lavender and burned bay leaves.
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Baphomet: ‘Behind every fear and every pain thou wilt find me. That’s why thou shouldt never be afraid’

Tonight I had some time so I thought after the regular void meditation I’d do a trance. So after I had quiet my mind and sat a while like that, I looked in the crown chakra (turning my closed physical eyes to the forehead), then focused in the third eye while remained centered in my Solar Plexus. I kept breathing and started to descend. I called for Hecate and she appeared. I said nothing and ask nothing because it wasn’t really anything to be asked or said. I sit a while in the presence of the Goddess. Then I felt Belial behind me. He was, as he appeared to me – huge and with beardy human face (sometimes he appears to me also huge but hooded and with face of void). I could see him with my rear vision. I sit again a while in the presence of Gods. It was dark. I kept breathing and stayed centered in my Solar Plexus while focused on the bow. Could not see anything.


Then suddenly appeared IT, the creepy clown. It was also huge and very frightening. He would open wide his mouth with yellow teeth, like he was trying to swallow me. It was like a muffled roar. I felt Belial behind me and did not scare. Almost at all. I kept breathing, not to loose my focus. The clown come closer, so close so I could see only his enormous face. Then roared again to me. He was surrounded by clouds of smoke I felt Belial behind and Hecate on my left side and did not fear. Then I started to fall. Gods weren’t with me anymore. Instead, I was falling through a smoke that was more and more thick. When the fall stopped I was really in the Underworld. It was dark, warm (but not hot) and very much smoke. I had a sense of familiarity, like I was there before. I felt comforted and safe. The place smelled like burned sage. The smoke dispelled slowly and I have seen Baphomet on a big chair. There were also torces on side. I have seen Him before and I wasn’t afraid of Him – He was always friendly with me, despite His frightening guise. Baphomet is also very wise. I felt again Belial was somewhere, but I couldn’t see Him. There were a gathering. Except Baphomet, everyone else was standing. A sense of respect and wisdom was somehow over there. Then Baphomet spoke to me:

‘You have to know this: behind every experience you call ‘bad’ – every fear, every pain, you’ll find me. That’s why thou shouldt never be afraid. but learn to fight and stay whole. I am your root chakra and I give you power to keep going. You’ll find me beyond every hardship no matter you can or cannot get through it, so know you’re actually safe’. After that I was spitted back into my world and had to deal with my numbed limbs. I am so grateful for this experience.

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Hecate: How to cast

Hecate: when you write the spell you are going to cast you have to treat your desire as a concept and just split it in dimensions and then variables.

When you split the concept you actually go in depth and see exactly what your desire means to you and how the Universe should change to fulfill your wish.

After that you make an affirmation for every of the variables, then you have all concept asserted.

At this point you only need to cast with adamant conviction your power within will bend the reality according to your utterance.



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Offering to Hecate

Hecate: You don’t have to burn incense, to say endless incantations or even lit candles to honor me. Every time when you try something new, inspiring, every time when you do things good, when you make something useful or just enjoyable it is an offering to me. Every time when you courageous, honorable, kind, generous – as well.



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Watch dog

Yesterday I was doing few things, well, abit on fast forward – with 15 minutes in between – this is minimum amount of time who has to separate two different energy casts. So, I ended up with some unruly energy around me. It was night and I was alone. Thus, my imagination was about to slip. I went outside, grounded myself and called forth Hecate. Of course, everything was fine and in place after that. I didn’t think anymore at this incident.
During tonight’s meditation I heard some strange noises, felt presences but I kept my focus. At a point I sensed the presence of a big black dog right next to me. Like very close to me. I knew He was sent by Hecate and I was grateful. Dog was there during the entire time of my meditation, sort of warming my side (I could feel His warmth). Finished my meditation and after a wile I went for another energy work and while I was uttering some affirmations I went ‘to another place’ (by will – I already was in alter state so I just shift). Then I got really scared, because the dog was barking very loud and also running. When I looked better, the dog was chasing some white forms. My Goddess is really protecting me from something. All Hail, Hecate! 🖤
And, yes, it was a doberman that sit exactely like this.
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Ancient Gods and Goddesses, Automatic writing and chanelling, Magic, Magick, Withcraft, Sorcery, Occult, Ancient Mysteries, Spirituality and Mysticism

Rabbit hole

Hecate: The holes you are seeing when you do void meditation are breaches in the continuity of the Universe. As a matter of fact – in the quantum continuous as every level of energy has sublevels around it that intersects. If one is skilled enough they can pass through these holes and interdimensionaly travel or even can jump in other time or space in the same Universe. Surely that take much more then 20 breathes (I do void meditation for 20 breathes two times aday). In order to accomplish such trip, one has to cross the absolute void and there a lot of strength is needed, otherwise the Self is shattered or even dissolved. It feels like jumping in a chasm and some traditions call it ‘crossing of the abyss’


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Ancient Gods and Goddesses, Magic, Magick, Withcraft, Sorcery, Occult, Ancient Mysteries, Spirituality and Mysticism

A Prayer to Goddess Hecate

Dark Mother, Goddess Hecate please join this rite. Please, be with me. Guide me and protect me. Give me strength to follow my path and wisdom to walk on it unharmed.

Goddess, please be well disposed and accept these offering I bring to you as a sign of gratitude for guiding and protecting me.

Dark Mother, Goddess of the Crossroads, Queen of the Night and Shadows who in love walk on Earth to gather and shelter lost souls, please share with me your love and knowledge.

So mote it be!

Hail Hecate!


Automatic writing and chanelling

Automatic writing with Hecate: ‘Some people have bad experiences with what they think are spirits because they are not open enough and the energy dwells in them, meet their own fears and anger and feed them’

Hecate told me beforehand that she would like me to bring an egg and seeds as offering at this Full Moon. So I did it, but also added an apple on the altar as I like to share a fruit with my Goddess at my Full Moon Rituals. I broke the egg over the seeds and spill everything on the ground, next to a tree in the park deepen in darkness and silence across the street. Once back inside, Goddess came to me and tried to talk, but I was too tired and could not stay focused. Although I had everything ready for automatic writing I asked to be excused for I cannot concentrate. This is what I learned to do lately as at first contacts when I could not concentrate anymore, I was simply fading back in physical world, without even saying the spirit it was going to happen (because I didn’t
knew it was). The Goddess smiled, hit my forehead with finger and told: ‘Mind you what you do with your mind. Because what you do with your mind is what you do with your life’.
Today I returned to my altar, lit a candle and burned incense. Breathed until relaxed then failed in trance. Hecate kind of was around of me all day but waited until I got in the proper state. I met Her in a totally dark emptiness. No landscapes, no meadow, creek or even a chair. Only black void, Her and myself. She was cloaked.
‘Is that simple. In order to meet us you have to really want and to believe you do. That will cause you rising energy so much to be able to contact your desired God, Goddess, Demon or any other spirit.
Fire, smoke, flames, vibrations are simply means to organize your mind and your energies according to certain patterns, so you can ascend. As I already told you, your mind is the portal between your physicality and the rest of Universe, that also includes the what you call ‘the spirit world’ which is in fact another level of energy, different of yours. If you do not rise your energy with your desire and belief we simply don’t hear. It would be like a ringtone that is too low and one cannot distinguish from the surrounding regular noise. We won’t answer to your evocation because we won’t hear your call. We won’t come. Some people have bad experiences with what they think to be spirits and this happen because they are not open enough and the energy they rise instead of going out to create a string of connection dwells in them, meet their own fears and anger and feed them. They don’t open their doors because of fear and this fear turns against them. I know you keep asking yourself why Belial is ‘nice’ with you while others keep telling such terrible stories about Him. I also know you won’t dare to ask Him about this 🙂 The reason is this: He is a powerful spirit. You feel protected around Him, right? (I nodded). When someone feels overwhelmed of this power, they close themselves to the flow of the energy and instead of making connection they simply mirror their brain. Real demons won’t hurt people as they have no desire nor reason to do it. The demons made by humans might however do that.
None of these ‘ritual stuff’: fire, vibration or smoke, not even the blood sheds which were done in ancient times ‘recreates’ us in physical world as some believe. What cause us go down on an intermediary level of energy is your true desire to meet us. This is ‘the energy’ that ‘recreate’ us. Is quite similarly with teleportation. Energy is used to travel between worlds and realms. So it really happen. Is true. For the reasons I just gave a vision is not just ‘a spasm of the brain’, is something that happen, only not totally in your physical world. Is partly here, partly elsewhere – on a higher level of energy. This is also the meaning of ascension and why you have to be able to do this. Devolving from here is also why we do not interfere in the physical world. The responsibility for this plane lays totally in your hands. You manage it how you want, but you have to know what you do and take the consequences. So it is with your journey back to spiritual awareness. We can guide but won’t ‘take the pain for you’. This is the bullshit religions always promise – that somebody will do the whole work instead of practitioner. Things as such are a simple matter of corruption, aiming to drain material resources and energy from those who think they can spare that solitary work from self to self. From void to void. Genuine spirituality always grows in loneliness. Herds can only be deceived. They ask for deceiving from how they pile up, flesh body close to another flesh body, trying to keep their natural awareness of spirit asleep. Empaths and those who awakened their spirit won’t feel well in crowds because even not always at conscious level, they infallibly perceive all those lies and made up stories. Now is time for you to go back, as I think I answered to all the questions you gathered lately’.
I thanked Goddess for everything and she caressed my face and hair instead of answering me something. I left myself to fail back from the void and shortly was on the floor of my room. Through the open window the cries of gulls kept ripping the night’s silence, to be carried away by the wind gusts, through the darkness. The place was energetically active for all the rest of the night.