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Search Engine Optimization and Kaballa spells follow precisely the same lines

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Essentially a Kabbalah spell is structured in two sequences. There is an incantation (stage 1), repeated a number of times (3, 7, 9. 10 times), aimed to raise energy and create a certain vibrational pattern followed by an affirmation (core – stage 2), aimed to direct the energy toward the target.
Surprisingly or not quite so, the Search Engine Optimization algorithm follows precisely the same lines in its structure. This is shown pretty clear in the indications a redactor receives about how to optimize their texts for Google’s crawlers (the boots that waive World Wide Web).

‘The headline can contain minimum three words, maximum 7-8. Thou choose 3 essential words – this is gonna be the SEO Focus Group (the core). Two words from FOCUS GROUP have to be used in first sentence of the text, and then they have to be put 4-5 times in the text. Is better if they appear together. 2 words from Focus should be used together atleast in one sub-header.

Sounds alike or not?

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Was Lucifer a woman?

On various Left Hand Path e-groups I have seen this topic about Lucifer being actually a woman. Either people have seen a woman on their visions (or they have felt a female energy) when attempted to call forth Lucifer or, in other cases was merely an intellectual doubt, originated in ancient myths, either in more recent ways the Abrahamic theologians regard such concepts as sin, soul, temptation, gender roles even and so on. At first I thought that possibly those who are asking themselves such a question like ‘Is Lucifer a woman?’ actually perceived the presence of the Goddess Lilith, in some traditions regarded as Satan/Lucifer’s wife. I also was advised, on an e-group where I told about my relation with Hecate, to equate Her with the Goddess Lilith, which I failed. I perceive them as kin though different energies. Also I am aware Lilith appears in many forms and had even more aspects throughout mankind’s history.
Today I came across two very interesting videos that seem to shed some light on the topic about Lucifer being actually a woman. Although I don’t totally agree with this (I perceive Lucifer as male cosmic energy, while Satan is alot more earthly aspect – also male – of the same deity), I share those videos for the readers interested about the topic.
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