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The slaughtered heart

Today I’ve seen a slaughtered heart, wrapped in a black wire and with a black candle burning on it. Then the sigil of Lord Belial. I saw this on an actual picture from the Internet, not in a dream or vision. It was a Black Magick work. As I saw the sigil of my Patron Demon near this, I asked Him what it was.

– A heart that cries for healing. Just like yours did, answered He.

One of the powers of Lord Bellial is to reconcile people and to make foes to become friends. This is written in any occult treatise and probably only few know why – it is because this demon opens up heart chakra. I connected with Him a year ago, asking to be helped with my  anger issues. He appeared to me, in a form of dragon, right after I set the intention. He manifested in the dark void, when I was between sleep and waking state. Then He asked me, rather grumpy:

– What do you want?
I told Him I wanted to get rid of anger and wrath that rips me from inside
– You’ll get this, said Belial.
I offered a red rose, only the flower without stem, which I gave holding it with both hands. Then I woke up. Next Full Moon I did a blood spell to connect with the Demon. Since then He is with me. It was not an easy path but He always wanted me to be respected and fully manifest my true potential. He is also very protective. I won’t be in a danger or at hard times without having Him close, in the physical plane, in a form or another. He won’t tolerate my bullshits either! 😛
Lirach Tasa Vefa Vehl Belial!



Demons and Dragons, Occult, Ancient Mysteries, Spirituality and Mysticism

Belial: Sex is simply a way to organize energies

Belial: Sex is simply a way to organize energies. Among many others. Emotions, feelings, arts, fights, war, spells do the same thing as well. When energies are ordered over a regular, geometric layout, there are conditions for a certain vibration to manifests itself. Living beings are just that: crossings of energy vortexes. Universe itself is the equally that for the Universe is as much alive and conscious as the individuals dwelling in it.
Certain emotions, like fear distort vibration and this is how manifesting a certain thing is blocked. Anger also my shape a certain manifestation. It gets a very specific touch (print) on the energetic pattern of the end result.




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Was Lucifer a woman?

On various Left Hand Path e-groups I have seen this topic about Lucifer being actually a woman. Either people have seen a woman on their visions (or they have felt a female energy) when attempted to call forth Lucifer or, in other cases was merely an intellectual doubt, originated in ancient myths, either in more recent ways the Abrahamic theologians regard such concepts as sin, soul, temptation, gender roles even and so on. At first I thought that possibly those who are asking themselves such a question like ‘Is Lucifer a woman?’ actually perceived the presence of the Goddess Lilith, in some traditions regarded as Satan/Lucifer’s wife. I also was advised, on an e-group where I told about my relation with Hecate, to equate Her with the Goddess Lilith, which I failed. I perceive them as kin though different energies. Also I am aware Lilith appears in many forms and had even more aspects throughout mankind’s history.
Today I came across two very interesting videos that seem to shed some light on the topic about Lucifer being actually a woman. Although I don’t totally agree with this (I perceive Lucifer as male cosmic energy, while Satan is alot more earthly aspect – also male – of the same deity), I share those videos for the readers interested about the topic.
Sophia (Lucifer) is MYSTERY, Babylon the Great

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