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Gaining Magickal Abilities: The Gaze – by Akenu

Here is a set of gazing exercises in order to develop and strength the ability to see the Unseen. Method was developed by a Czech practitioner who’s magical name is Akenu. He describes himself as ‘occult practitioner interested in both traditional grimoires and postmodern Magick’. I tried to contact Akenu, to get more information, but he didn’t answer my message. However the method described by him is effective and text is an interesting lecture as well. Personally I liked the part with ‘Staring inside the skull of your oponent will freak the hell out of them’. Gotta admit I also tried it and it worked.¬†¬†Special thanks to Ghede Vishrava, also an experienced practicioner of magick who brought this article on attention on an e-group.

What is The Gaze?

The Gaze is an ability of Magician to steadily observe (stare) any point in space.
It is also a premilinary ability for claivoyance, reality manipulation, shewstone scrying and literally any ability that needs eyes to work. As opposed to the “evil eye”, The Gaze is not intuition-based and has to be practiced to be gained. On the other hand The Gaze gives you complete control over the effects and also all of the benefits of Evil Eye.
The Gaze can be also used psychologically, staring inside the skull of your opponent during conversation will definitely freak out most people you will meet.

First Exercise: The Point

First of all we have to learn how to shift the staring point. Choose some picture or painting and place your thumb between the painting and your eyes. Now start switching your focus between the painting. Practice this for a week.
After you are done for the first part, here comes the fun. Start the exercise as before but after focusing on the thumb, put the thumb down and keep staring at the space where the thumb was. Keep doing that till you can hold the focus on a blank space for about 15 seconds. This exercise will also strengthen your eyes muscles and endurance.
Now you need to learn how to switch the focus without your thumb as a mediator, you should already know how the switch feels like, so just reproduce it. Later you can add more points and switch between them in seamless manner.

Second Exercise: The Endurance

You have to adapt your eyes to become stronger and able to be steady and opened for a longer period of time.You should have already developed an awareness of muscles controlling your eyes, now you just need to strengthen them. You can do so by practicing trataka or literally any kind of focal meditation. Remember, keep your eyes opened as long as you can. If your eyes start watering, pause the exercise, blink a couple of times and then close them for a couple of seconds, then you can continue in the exercise.

Third Exercise: The Waking Life

Learn to hold the blank space focus in every day life during walks, breaks, lunch, conversation, etc. Don’t do so if you need to use your eyes for safety purposes (crossing the road, driving the car, etc). Soon you will notice that the blank space is not really blank and your clairvoyance will start developing.

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Hecate: How to cast

Hecate: when you write the spell you are going to cast you have to treat your desire as a concept and just split it in dimensions and then variables.

When you split the concept you actually go in depth and see exactly what your desire means to you and how the Universe should change to fulfill your wish.

After that you make an affirmation for every of the variables, then you have all concept asserted.

At this point you only need to cast with adamant conviction your power within will bend the reality according to your utterance.



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Beltane offering

Sometimes the demons are the only meant to take away one’s grief and sorrow. Sometimes you become whole only when you totally loose yourself. Being on a Left Hand Path doesn’t mean you got to become a jerk unless you want to comply to the Right Hand Path depiction about it. This Beltane I probably was one of the few practitioners who put fruits on the Gods’ table, as I am vegan. And yes, crushed strawberries were to mimic a blood sacrifice for the blood is the most powerful symbol of life and passion and desire. Fruits can offer this energy to a spell because they are alive, thus they got pranic energy. Also they come right from the bosom of our Mother Gaia. Also blood means lost, destruction, deep despair, fear and death for when the blood is lost, the life itself is lost. And I want all these be taken away from me, which was granted right after I completed the offering. It was both an offering AND a sacrifice of pranic energy.





















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‘One cannot escape the mage’

‘Father said, one can run, one can hide but none can escape a mage.
For the mage will find the person in the universe within.
And that is a place the mage controls.
All the possibilities exist. Regardless of what we witness.
If I need to savor the flavor of a certain feeling, I need but to witness that certain possibility.
It is even possible to manifest that into physicality but only if someone doesn’t become obsessed with the manifestation.
Badassry is not butchering an entire galaxy, badassry is getting happy even when your universe is ripped apart’.
VerdictofVoid, chanelling Lucifer
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