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Wiking prayer

Mjolnir, Mjolnir, hammer charmed,

Break the hitch, keep us unharmed.

Hit the wicked, kick them in shame,

Cover with disgrace their name.

Mjolnir, Mjolnir, holy weapon!

Teach ignominious their lesson!

Their deeds shouldst bring no gain.

Chepan’em in tears and pain.

Lend thy power to me sylf.

Worthy Mjolnir, blast the cliff!

Crafty tool of Thor, hwaet got,

Shatter crack their messy plot!

Sealing spell with min own blod,

Vengeance’s stallions may trot.

On the way respite they nai.

Bare to truth shouldst be the lie.

Speaking loud against misdeeds,

I won’t give the doers frið!

Spell is cast, the ward is set.

Swa wesan riht eac me said!


Ancient Gods and Goddesses, Energy work

Prayer for balance to Asherah at Spring Equinox

Blessed Ostara!
As I felt we need all resources to overcome the struggle humanity faces now, for today’s ritual, I chose an evocation of Goddess Ashera, an ancient Semitic Goddess, whose name appeared in ancient Akkadian and Hittite writings. To me, it appears clearly Asherah IS Inanna. Astaroth.
Prayer for balance to Asherah at Spring Equinox
In this times of sickness and struggle for mankind and its Mother Earth as well, I call forth you, Goddess Ashera, Queen of Heaven, who art known by many names and attributes: Lady from the Sky, Lioness, light bringer, protectress of witches and cunning people, midwife, kourotropos of all living beings:
– guide us back to the balance, abundance, health and wealth
– dispel all rage and lies and bring peace on Earth
– stop the bloodshed and pain that throw us from a life to another and heal forgetfulness with forgiveness
– replace separation with the sense of wholeness
– guide us to remember, get over and move forward
May thy light shine across the land as the harbinger of a Golden Aeon for mankind under the guidance of Old Gods. Hail!
On the Skies, across the Sea and all over the Land
Blessed be the land lying beneath,
Blessed be the water nurturing us all
May the fire purifies my intention
May the smoke carry my prayer to Gods.
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Moon Eclipse theurgic spell

Spells are roughly two types: manifestation spells and theurgic. A curse is also a manifestation spell because you curse something or someone that you think is bad for you to make room for something good to manifest. Manifestation spells are beautiful and romantic, nu matter what type are they but sadly in the near future they will disappear as people will more and more empower themselves learning to manifest using just their energy and visualisation power. No herbs, no stones, no colorful candles, no crafted dolls, not even incense. Not the secret thrill of the witch hiding in the grove to put all together and empower her spell. Only pure energy and maybe some vibrated power words.

Theurgic spells, aimed to connect practitioner with Gods will sill be cast for a while by those needing guidance and knowledge. But eventually they’ll disappeare too, as Gods will come back on Earth to live with us again and unconcealed guide people back to godhood. When everybody will be enlightened the time will end. Not the world, but the very time. And we will be one with our Gods.

At the blood Moon the Heaven’s Gates were wide open and Gods looked to the Earth. I could not make a request in my spell but only say over and over: Goddess, teach me your ways!’




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Search Engine Optimization and Kaballa spells follow precisely the same lines

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Essentially a Kabbalah spell is structured in two sequences. There is an incantation (stage 1), repeated a number of times (3, 7, 9. 10 times), aimed to raise energy and create a certain vibrational pattern followed by an affirmation (core – stage 2), aimed to direct the energy toward the target.
Surprisingly or not quite so, the Search Engine Optimization algorithm follows precisely the same lines in its structure. This is shown pretty clear in the indications a redactor receives about how to optimize their texts for Google’s crawlers (the boots that waive World Wide Web).

‘The headline can contain minimum three words, maximum 7-8. Thou choose 3 essential words – this is gonna be the SEO Focus Group (the core). Two words from FOCUS GROUP have to be used in first sentence of the text, and then they have to be put 4-5 times in the text. Is better if they appear together. 2 words from Focus should be used together atleast in one sub-header.

Sounds alike or not?

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Hecate: How to cast

Hecate: when you write the spell you are going to cast you have to treat your desire as a concept and just split it in dimensions and then variables.

When you split the concept you actually go in depth and see exactly what your desire means to you and how the Universe should change to fulfill your wish.

After that you make an affirmation for every of the variables, then you have all concept asserted.

At this point you only need to cast with adamant conviction your power within will bend the reality according to your utterance.



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Offering to Hecate

Hecate: You don’t have to burn incense, to say endless incantations or even lit candles to honor me. Every time when you try something new, inspiring, every time when you do things good, when you make something useful or just enjoyable it is an offering to me. Every time when you courageous, honorable, kind, generous – as well.