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Watch dog

Yesterday I was doing few things, well, abit on fast forward – with 15 minutes in between – this is minimum amount of time who has to separate two different energy casts. So, I ended up with some unruly energy around me. It was night and I was alone. Thus, my imagination was about to slip. I went outside, grounded myself and called forth Hecate. Of course, everything was fine and in place after that. I didn’t think anymore at this incident.
During tonight’s meditation I heard some strange noises, felt presences but I kept my focus. At a point I sensed the presence of a big black dog right next to me. Like very close to me. I knew He was sent by Hecate and I was grateful. Dog was there during the entire time of my meditation, sort of warming my side (I could feel His warmth). Finished my meditation and after a wile I went for another energy work and while I was uttering some affirmations I went ‘to another place’ (by will – I already was in alter state so I just shift). Then I got really scared, because the dog was barking very loud and also running. When I looked better, the dog was chasing some white forms. My Goddess is really protecting me from something. All Hail, Hecate! 🖤
And, yes, it was a doberman that sit exactely like this.
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