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Moon Eclipse theurgic spell

Spells are roughly two types: manifestation spells and theurgic. A curse is also a manifestation spell because you curse something or someone that you think is bad for you to make room for something good to manifest. Manifestation spells are beautiful and romantic, nu matter what type are they but sadly in the near future they will disappear as people will more and more empower themselves learning to manifest using just their energy and visualisation power. No herbs, no stones, no colorful candles, no crafted dolls, not even incense. Not the secret thrill of the witch hiding in the grove to put all together and empower her spell. Only pure energy and maybe some vibrated power words.

Theurgic spells, aimed to connect practitioner with Gods will sill be cast for a while by those needing guidance and knowledge. But eventually they’ll disappeare too, as Gods will come back on Earth to live with us again and unconcealed guide people back to godhood. When everybody will be enlightened the time will end. Not the world, but the very time. And we will be one with our Gods.

At the blood Moon the Heaven’s Gates were wide open and Gods looked to the Earth. I could not make a request in my spell but only say over and over: Goddess, teach me your ways!’





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