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Baphomet: ‘Behind every fear and every pain thou wilt find me. That’s why thou shouldt never be afraid’

Tonight I had some time so I thought after the regular void meditation I’d do a trance. So after I had quiet my mind and sat a while like that, I looked in the crown chakra (turning my closed physical eyes to the forehead), then focused in the third eye while remained centered in my Solar Plexus. I kept breathing and started to descend. I called for Hecate and she appeared. I said nothing and ask nothing because it wasn’t really anything to be asked or said. I sit a while in the presence of the Goddess. Then I felt Belial behind me. He was, as he appeared to me – huge and with beardy human face (sometimes he appears to me also huge but hooded and with face of void). I could see him with my rear vision. I sit again a while in the presence of Gods. It was dark. I kept breathing and stayed centered in my Solar Plexus while focused on the bow. Could not see anything.


Then suddenly appeared IT, the creepy clown. It was also¬†huge and very frightening. He would open wide his mouth with yellow teeth, like he was trying to swallow me. It was like a muffled roar. I felt Belial behind me and did not scare. Almost at all. I kept breathing, not to loose my focus. The clown come closer, so close so I could see only his enormous face. Then roared again to me. He was surrounded by clouds of smoke I felt Belial behind and Hecate on my left side and did not fear. Then I started to fall. Gods weren’t with me anymore. Instead, I was falling through a smoke that was more and more thick. When the fall stopped I was really in the Underworld. It was dark, warm (but not hot) and very much smoke. I had a sense of familiarity, like I was there before. I felt comforted and safe. The place smelled like burned sage. The smoke dispelled slowly and I have seen Baphomet on a big chair. There were also torces on side. I have seen Him before and I wasn’t afraid of Him – He was always friendly with me, despite His frightening guise. Baphomet is also very wise. I felt again Belial was somewhere, but I couldn’t see Him. There were a gathering. Except Baphomet, everyone else was standing. A sense of respect and wisdom was somehow over there. Then Baphomet spoke to me:

‘You have to know this: behind every experience you call ‘bad’ – every fear, every pain, you’ll find me. That’s why thou shouldt never be afraid. but learn to fight and stay whole. I am your root chakra and I give you power to keep going. You’ll find me beyond every hardship no matter you can or cannot get through it, so know you’re actually safe’. After that I was spitted back into my world and had to deal with my numbed limbs. I am so grateful for this experience.